Excerpts From What I’m Reading: My Personal Reading Program.

Updated: 3 days ago

My reads for the month of July 10th-16th, 2020

1. The book of Ruth in the Bible. So far the book of Ruth is teaching me the importance of being a good support system for others. Naomi; Ruth's mother-in-law was loyal to Ruth and she stuck by Ruth's side. So far, I am learning the importance of appreciating and reflecting on the people that stay by your side no matter what.

2. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone. So far, what I love about this book is the realization that every day we are faced with this question: Should I be average or great? The reality is that every day we make this decision whether or not we are aware of it or not. He argues that either we are obsessed with greatness or mediocrity. There's no in between. I think that he argues his points well in his tome.

3. Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee. So far, what I appreciate the most about Bruce Lee's book is the concept of epistemology. All human knowledge is limited in some way. He argues the point of keeping the mind open so that you can continue to grow toward discovering a way within the way itself. There is always a way to elevate even a proven construct such as fitness. Now, I'm not saying don't obey the laws of fitness, but what I am simply saying is: Yield to the truth. So, if you're searching for ways to improve; you will eventually discover that it's your unalienable right to do so.

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