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Coming soon: Who's Going to Teach Us?
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My Award Winning Book

Just Get Up:

And Manifest Your Inner Genius

Soon To Be Released

  • How to Live an Inspired Life (Self-help/spirituality)

  • Pathway: Quotes for Practical Thinking

  • Against the Grain (Crime-thriller) Release date: 8/7/23

  • Who’s Going to Teach Us? (Historical novel) Release date: 9/4/23

  • Above All (Inspirational novel)

  • Against the Grain Part II (Crime-thriller & sequel)

"If you don't believe it will happen for a certainty, then why waste time pursuing it"

Isaac Miller

Isaac Samuel Miller is a well-rounded entrepreneur. He was born on July 19th, 1988 in Baton Rouge, LA. He's a traditionally published American fiction and nonfiction author. 


Isaac is a licensed strength & conditioning fitness trainer, certified therapeutic recreation specialist, sales coach, motivational speaker, spoken word artist, and minister. He also teaches a personal training core lecture and lab certification course as an adjunct instructor at various college universities. His motto is: "If you don't believe it will happen for a certainty, then why waste your time pursuing it?"


Isaac has a Degree in Therapeutic Recreation & Leisure Studies and a Minor in Physical Education. He has inspired and personally trained thousands of people throughout his career as a professional leader. He's known for inspiring people internationally through his spoken word piece that's entitled: Self-Belief.


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